Sunday, 22 November 2009


Awkwardness has never been so prominent in my life. can't think of anything else and I have butterflies in a bad way.

Friday, 13 November 2009

lets get demanding

Right now I want;

mittens which can be attached to my coat so I don't lose them. & earmuffs with similar attachments.
for the dress I got given to be a size 10 rather than a 12, frustrating.
to be a size 8 instead of a size 10.
my cats to come and visit for the weekend.
to be closer to the countryside and/or ocean.
my own flat.
Robbie Williams to leave Take That alone and for Gary Barlow to stop being so polite about it all.
some more white paint.
& to know where I'm going to be working at the end of this month!

I've been transcribing my millionth interview with Despised Icon and smiling at them, then I carried on with my painting and probably fell in love with the guy I'm painting's jawline. I should be packing because I have to leave at 7.30 tomorrow but I can't bring myself to do it.

I just watched Peter Andres tv show, didn't realize he was so horny in a creepy way.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

My favourite thing to press is the 'delete' button on my keyboard. I hope that doesn't mirror my attitude to life? Anyway, I pressed delete on all of previous posts because after a quick scan it seems I've been relentlessely dull/I just love to press that button.

Its Saturday and instead of going to a festival in Birmingham I decided to stay in London to read my book, stitch some threads and transcribe a gazillion interviews I've done over the past month, not to mention spend the Reiss voucher which work gave to me and obsess over the New Moon adverts even if he won't run through forests with her on his back this time. (...Will he?)

I'm going to get a beautiful feathered headband from Reiss which has been calling my name for close to twenty-seven short winter days. Its black with specks of green and with my ginger hair and grandad cardigan I think I will look ridiculous but its so nice and unfortuantely we can't all be beautiful.
The above photograph by Jeff Lucker has had me obsessed with his work for days.

I am trying to write about a russian band called Abominable Putridity for NME but the only thing on my mind right now is troubling. When you mix troubling thoughts with a need to steal your landlords kitten it seems words don't come so quick.